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Over the years we’ve been fortunate to work with many wonderful people for their special occasions. Please share your experience you’ve had with us.

  1. Debbie Wood says:

    You made my wedding cake in 2001 and it was PERFECT 🙂 now I am looking for a wedding cake for my daughter. My husband and I told her that we would pay for the cake but only if they got it from you.

  2. Mary Zamora says:

    Your cakes look heavenly. So pretty. Do you give lessons in decorating? I’d love to be your student. Beautiful website also.

  3. Kailah Clair says:

    I didnt see the guest book before but i was checking it out again and i saw it…everything from your cake favors down to your cookies and pies sound and look great. Kailah

  4. Suzanne Murphy says:

    Sherry, I wanted to thank you again for both of the Dragon Tales birthday cakes you created for my twins’ birthday. Both were a big hit and received many wonderful compliments. I will see you again next year!!

  5. scarlet says:

    can’t wait to come and buy!

  6. Susan Corsi says:

    Hello Sherry and Curt, I just checked out your web site, Your cakes look heavenly. David and I look forward to coming by pick one up! See you soon, your neighbor Susan

  7. Robin McCullough says:

    Very pretty cakes

  8. Robert and Amber Baker says:

    Our wedding cake was so beautiful. You went out of your way to make my pink dream cake and it was so good I can still taste it. Ill be coming back for my anniversary cake without a doubt!!

  9. Lisa Huntsman says:

    you are an artist, keep up the beautiful skill you have, and your pictures of your cakes well there making me hungry, lisa

  10. Lacie says:

    Sherri and her husband made the most beautiful wedding cake for my wedding. My guests have not said one bad thing about it. I look at the pictures I have of the cake and can’t help but smile. Especially the picture of my husband with the cake completly smeared across his face. 🙂 I would be happy to send you an e-mail picture of my cake. Just e-mail me at

  11. Danielle G. Weissmeier says:

    Great website and LOVE the cake provided on your home page. It makes me want to eat sweets all day and night!

  12. Kathleen Chapin says:

    I read the article about your business in the Courier and decided to check out your web site. I’ve seen and smelled some of your muffins at a friend’s work-place. A customer who was also waiting kept commenting on how great they smelled, I agreed!

  13. Paige McLaughlin says:

    It was just about the only thing that was right at our wedding. The cake was beautiful, deliteful and more than what we asked for. And everything I have ever had from you has tasted heavenly.

  14. Janis Baer says:

    You make the best bran muffins in Grants Pass. I tried one at 3 rivers hospital and now have one whenever I work in town. I can’t find that quality and purity anywhere else…and I’ve looked. What are the ingredients?

  15. Brenda O'Connor says:

    I really enjoyed your websight.

  16. I perform weddings and I saw your business cards at Ray’s Print shop and now found your website. Very nice.

  17. Tammi and Nick Wyatt says:

    Sherry and Curt, Thank you again for a great wedding cake. You did such a great job and were so professional, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Everyone loved the flavors, the german chocolate was a huge hit. Thanks again for all your help . I sign your praises whenever someone comments on our cake. Tammi and Nick Wyatt

  18. Holly Garland says:

    Sherry is so wonderful, I called, placed an order for a birthday cake for my granddaughter’s 14th birthday. I gave Sherry full control of how to decorate and it was beautiful!!!!! The cake was an absolute hit with everyone!!!! My niece now wants the same cake for her 33rd birthday….it was lemon cake with lemon filling and lemon buttercream frosting YUM! Thank you “Slice of Heaven Cakes.”

  19. Mary L. says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  20. Dale Fowler says:

    Hey Curt, Great web site. Keep up the good work. December was a busy Month and desserts have been consistant. Thanks agian. Chef Dale, Rogue Regency Inn, Medford, Oregon. Happy New Year!!

  21. Tamera Provancha says:

    Looking forward to a wonderful wedding cake!!

  22. Karen says:

    Your website looks great and so do the cakes.

  23. Gary Klein says:

    Great Site! Do you ship to San Diego? Take Care, Gary

  24. Lane and Nannette says:

    great site.. great tasting cakes, wish you were closer. maybe you could open a franchise in our area!!! L & N.

  25. Molly King says:

    Very nice website, and the cakes look spectacular! Looking forward to sampling at upcoming nuptual event! (Psst.. can’t tell who yet, it’s a secret!)

  26. Joanne & Dale Hawley says:

    You go girl! We’re really proud of you. Love and much more to you both.

  27. Jackie says:

    Wow – very nice – the music at the beginning is a really nice touch.

  28. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  29. Nancy Neilson says:

    We could not have imagined it being better. Sherry is an artist and wonderful person to deal with. Thank You

  30. Great site to match your great products. Thank you.

  31. Amanda Carlisle says:

    My star wedding cake was amazing. It was the perfect accent to our whole theme & it tasted wonderful. I’m very happy that we decided to have you guys create that for us. Thank you again!!

  32. We ordered the German Chocolate Cake for our friends anniversary party. It was the BEST cake I have ever had. The chocolate frosting was frosting you actually want to eat! The Chocolate Cake and the German Chocolate filling was delicious. I have been craving the cake ever since we had it. Thank you so much!

  33. Melissa Schafer says:

    Thank you for making and delivering the cake to my little sister and new husband. They absolutely loved it! I only wish I could have tried it too… Ha! Thanks again.

  34. Martin says:

    Great site and lovely music at the beginning.

  35. Ben says:

    hi there, trying to get a hold of you via email and unable too. could you please reply to my email address, we are very keen to get one of your cakes for our wedding!!!!!!!

  36. Veronica says:

    Thank you so much Sherry for the wonderful job you did on my bridal shower cake! It was amazing and everyone at the shower loved it. I can’t wait to get my wedding cake…which I know will be even more amazing and wonderful!

  37. Frederick says:

    Your chocolate peanut butter cake sounds delicious!

  38. Sarah A. says:

    Nice Cakes!

  39. BrittanyRae says:

    We ordered one of your red velvet cakes last year for my Brother’s 18th birthday last year. It was so scrumptious! (:

  40. judy says:

    I luv sweets

  41. Amanda White says:

    looks amaizing see ya tomarrow

  42. Charity Sturgeon says:

    Thank you so much for a beautiful custom cake! You did great work and I was so pleased with it. Thank you for all your help designing the cake over the phone and being able to meet my short deadline. The cake was the perfect centerpiece to our party! Thanks again for all your hard work! Beautiful design, yummy cake and excellent price!

  43. Jeff Spaulding says:

    Nice site. The cake designs are very impressive.

  44. Matt says:

    We ordered the German Chocolate Cake for our friends anniversary party. It was the BEST cake I have ever had. The chocolate frosting was frosting you actually want to eat! The Chocolate Cake and the German Chocolate filling was delicious. I have been craving the cake ever since we had it. Thank you so much!

  45. Loreen says:

    Beautiful and artistically decorated cakes!

  46. MARYANN says:

    Your muffins are wonderful, I’m especially addicted to your Cranberry-Orange Muffins! They are dee-lish-us!!!

  47. Cheryl Frost says:

    I have had Slice of Heaven make a few cakes for me for special events and I have two more events coming up and of course they will be providing the cakes and I can’t wait they are absolutely awesome.

  48. Janice says:

    My neighbors got me hooked on the bran muffins, so I purchased a dozen for myself to keep in the freezer. After looking at all the varieties, I will be trying different ones. These muffins are some of the best muffins I have ever eaten…and they are soooo big! They are simply delicious! I am ordering my holiday pies from Sherry and I will definitely be a regular customer from now on!

  49. Tracy Anzalone says:

    I just have to say, Thank you so much for making such beautiful and delicious cakes for my In-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary. Everyone was so delighted and happy with your cakes. I was so happy for the exceptional service and for going above and beyond for us to make this all happen. When we are in town visiting the In-Laws I will be stopping in for sure. Thank you again for everything!

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